Graphic Works

Projects on monotypes, etchings, lithography, screenprints, and more.

Sander de Wilde combines his images, photographs, found footage and drawings, into works on paper, video and NFT.  He uses several printmaking techniques like lithography, copper etchings, Zinc etchings, screen printing, a la poupee,  and so on.

His studio is in Brussels. 

Some works are sold through Saatchi or CataWiki every now and then but you can acquire his work directly from the studio and see it on BEELD



This installation was first shown in  February 2022. It is a combination of a projection and painting. Sander painted over poster with symbolic and nostalgic meaning. After researching his family tree for 15 years he made a projection of 40 of ancestors, animated by Deep Nostalgia. An artificial intelligence  program that can use images of persons, be it photographs or paintings, and brings them back to live.

AI Video projection, posters, painting, acrylic, curtain.

Working Progress 2021

2019-2021 Sander worked on the theme of Evolution. His Working Progress is an installation consisting of etchings, lithographs, a Lith stone, a table and a cupboard, ink on transparencies, and other prints on paper.

It was presented as an installation in 2021 in Brussels during a temporary group show.

Supper 2021

During the groupshow Carte de Visite ArtopenKunst in  May 2021 (postponed due to Covid) he showed his biggest work ever. 

It consisted of a  20 meter long screen printed tablecloth hanging down several floors unto the floor of the Vanderborght Building in the center of Brussels. 

On the table cloth 12 Black and white screen printed images of a plate and a spoon, all at 1.5 mtr distance.

The Last Supper revisited.

Sailor. 6 meter Screenprint 1/1

the flood 2016

etching and lino 40x60cm edition of 10

Part of a limited handprinted book edition at theexhibition in Prague  'R.h.O.K. homage to Oldrich Kulhanek'.

a new exhibition of Kulhanek's work and presentation of the new monography (following up previous one) of Kulhanek's work.

HOMMAGE to Oldřich KULHÁNEK Belgická 

R. Ho. K. Academy uspořádala ve spolupráci s pražskou galerií Hollar v roce 2016 výstavu k poctě…


2 color copper etching  on paper. e.a.  50 x 70 cm.

You can walk through the original design of the  Working Progress expo  yourself only by using a computer. If it doesn't show  (on mobile phones) you can try this link or make a profile on Artsteps.

Trout me

etching on copper

20x24 cm on Zerkall

edition of 5

Bye Bye

This expo is a short view on his work made in 2018: etchings made through re-using his photojournalistic images and portraits.

Works on NFT

Beeple 5000 days revisited. Lithographic print on photograph NYC. 30x 45 cm ©sanderdewilde2021

Beeple 5000 days revisited. Lithographic print on vintage photograph. 30x 45 cm ©sanderdewilde2021

Bored ape 1 and 2 NFT

Screenprint 40 x 80 cm monotype 1/1 2022

Beeple 5000 days
Beeple 5000 days revisited. Lithographic print on photograph. 30x 45 cm ©sanderdewilde2021

Beeple 5000 days revisited. 


Inspired on the Beeple original code (Most expensive NFT ever), a cyanotype print on newspaper.

40x 50 cm ©sanderdewilde2021

Deathbed monotype screenprints 30 x 40 cm.

Deathbed monotype screenprints 30 x 40 cm.

Deathbed monotype screenprints 30 x 40 cm.

Deathbed 2021 Screenprint ecoline monotypes 30 x 40 cm

David Hockney poster reworked monotype 2021

Painting 60 x 80 cm

painting  screenprint ink, ecoline, dry ink. 60 x 80 cm

Shout out

Lithography on Zerkall 

40 x 50 cm

edition of 5

Man Walking

Screenprint monotype ecoline 2021 

50 x 70 cm

no title 

copper etching on Zerkall  76 x 108 cm. 1/3 2019

artworks by Sander de Wilde

Grieve 2020 Litho 50X70 CM.  1/3 2020

Wild Night. Lithograph 60 x 90 cm ed. of 4.  2018

A Group show at the Belgian Museum of Art & History that you can see on this WP

More info on the project by clicking the link.

Na maanden van onderzoek heb ik de voor mij meest interessante facetten van de Japanse printkunst en de Ukiyo-e expositie vertaald naar een fotopolymeer van een naakte dame in Kimono. Deze kopergravure heb ik steeds opnieuw geprint en telkens in een andere techniek en/of beeldtaal bewerkt. Gepresenteerd als een soort hangboek, met bruine tape slordig aan een verticaal pallet gemonteerd. Zo refereerde ik aan de reproductie technieken en hoeveelheden van de Japanse houtsnedes uit de expositie.