NFT works

For the IMAGINE.BRUSSELS Contest I came up with an AR Idea.

Re-imagining Brussels, often is thought of as less cars, more green. I thought this could also be something else.

Imagine if so called 'ugly' places could become art exhibitions? With AR technology I used an 'ugly' spot in Brussels to trigger a street photography exhibition of other places in Brussels. This works with every smartphone. You point your smartphone at that 'trigger' and the exhibition starts by itself.  I'm planning to organise street photography walks, where people shoot the nice things of a city, and finally project them on a less nice place. 

When supporting me through bidding on this NFT, you will not only obtain this movie, but also you will get a high res file of one of the typical street photographs, ready to print and expose at your home.

This is a start image. AR starts when this image is seen by a smartphone.

This could be a VR projection on that place.

For this NFT I had the concept of AR to make Brussels better. Artists and designers could come up with ideas for Brussels and my idea is about AR. When walking around the city there are many forgotten 'ugly' places. I thought about using these places as triggers for exhibitions.

When people point their smartphone at this piece of wall, a small expo starts with a projection of street photos of other places in Brussels. In order to make viewer think about possibilities for this location. 

I also wanted to motivate people to walk through their town and do street photography. A great way to really see your city, and make 'art' even out of less important places in the city.

The beauty of an encounter, of street furniture, of a ray of light, can trigger people to shoot, or to see their city in a different light.

You can see and make an offer on Open Sea